What is GRE?

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GRE – Graduate Record Exam. This is a standard exam conducted by ETS a non-profit organization. This exam is used by almost all Universities in USA and Europe as a standard of student’s analytical and language skills. You have to take GRE as all universities recommend it and use it as a scale or qualification for admission and GSA (Graduate Student Assistantships) are awarded based on these. GRE consists of three sections, Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing. To complete analytical writing sections successfully you need to have good typing speed since you will be typing a lot during this section.
If you have poor typing speed, I suggest you work on this as this will save you a lot of time during exam. The other sections verbal and quant require a good amount of work. It is not easy to get 800/800 in verbal. Verbal section of GRE is generally very tough compare to SAT. Quantitative section is easy compared to SAT. GRE is a computer adaptive test. If you get the question wrong then next question will be an easy one and if your answer is right then the next question will be harder. So if you are getting a lot of harder question then it means that you are doing well in you exam. If you are getting easy questions then you are doing badly. The harder the question is the more marks you get for that one and vice-versa. Visit ETS’s website for more and updated information on GRE.