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Hi guys. We have started a new solidworks tutorials site here it is


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       Completed Form I-765:
Under Item 16, write c 3 B. (These forms are also available in ISS mailbox, 412 Gershman Hall, right outside the door.)

       I-765 Application Fee (, payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. The amount for 2009 is $340.00, but be sure to check the website, as they change the amount often.

       Photocopy of all previous I-20s, including a copy of the new I-20 with OPT endorsement.

       Photocopy of I-94 Card (front and back)

       Photocopy of passport (biographical data, photo, and expiration date)

       Photocopy of Visa Page

       Two US passport-style photos (lightly print your name on the back of each photo with a pencil)

       Copy of any previously issues EAD card (s).


           Be sure to sign new I-20 and I-765 forms.

           Be sure the address you put on your I-765 is the address where you will be receiving mail 3-5 months from the date of mailing in your OPT application. If you know you will be moving, be sure to write a reliable mail address on the I-765 form, as this address is where your EAD Card (Employment Authorization Document for OPT) will be sent.

           Mail all of the above completed documents to the following address. I highly recommend mailing the documents using Federal Express or by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, so you will have a record of its delivery.

                US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
                Vermont Service Center
                75 Lower Weldon Street
                Saint Albans, Vermont 05479-0001

                Phone: 800.375.5283


  1. Travel
If you need to travel while on OPT, please bring the following documents. I do not recommend traveling abroad before you have received your OPT/EAD CARD.

       A valid passport
       A valid F-1 visa stamp in your passport (except Canadian and Bermudian citizens)
       Your OPT I-20 endorsed for reentry by Mara Flamm or an alternate DSO at UArts.
       Your valid EAD for OPT
       Evidence of employment such as a job offer or employment verification letter.
  1. Students may apply for OPT up to 90 days before graduation.

      3.   Duration of Employment

  • Employment authorization will begin on the date requested or the date the employment authorization is adjudicated, whichever is later.

Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (Paperback)

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Product Description

* NEW! Details and practice for the new question type* Hundreds of test-like practice questions
* Detailed answer explanations
* Proven score-raising strategies
* Tactics for solving all question types
* Review of core math concepts

Product Details

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; 7 Workbook edition (August 5, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 141955221X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1419552212
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.3 x 0.8 inches 

Kaplan GRE Exam Vocabulary in a Box (Cards)

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Product Description
- 500 flashcards covering the most-tested GRE vocabulary words

- Sample sentences provide the words in context

- Synonyms and a pronunciation key

Product Details

  • Cards: 1004 pages
  • Publisher: Kaplan Publishing; 2 Crds edition (July 7, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1607140527
  • ISBN-13: 978-1607140528
  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches

Product Description

Are you hoping to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D.? If so, the GRE will probably be an important part of your graduate school application. You’ll find everything you need to prepare for this crucial test in Cracking the GRE. This new 2010 edition of our popular guide offers proven techniques from the test prep experts at The Princeton Review. It includes over 300 practice questions in the book and exclusive free access to 2 practice tests, additional practice questions, and expert advice online.

In Cracking the GRE we’ll bring you the key strategies and skills you need to ace the Verbal, Math, and Essay sections. We’ll teach you how to think like the test writers and

•Master specific strategies for answering every question type, including the newer question types like “Enter a Number”
•Solve even the toughest questions in Text Completions, Reading Comprehension, Algebra, and more
•Practice, practice, practice with questions just like those you’ll see on the real GRE, and learn from your mistakes with detailed explanations for all answers

Product Details

  • Paperback: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Princeton Review; 1 edition (June 9, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0375429328
  • ISBN-13: 978-0375429323
  • Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.4 x 1.4 inches 

These are the easiest questions in GRE verbal sections. Here you are asked to pick up the most nearest word opposite in meaning to the given one.

Most of these questions depends highly on your vocabulary power. So if you know meaning of all words in the question you can answer it right away.. But the problems comes when you face a question with words you don't know.


Take any example of below question


  • relaxed
  • eager
  • tiresome
  • brave
  • unwilling
GRE verbal isn't that easy that you will get marks just by picking up an antonym.
the answer for above question is eager...

Relucatant means unwillingly doing or joining without interest
At first glance unwilling might pop into your mind but it is not the nearest opposite of the given words.

The right answer is eager which means doing something with interest where as reluctant means doing or participate without interest.

All gre questions will be like this.

There are many tricks up under their sleeves.

Some times they include synonyms in the answers. You have to remember that you are looking for ANTONYMS NOT SYNONYMS.

Some times there are questions that target the secondary meaning and uncommon use of the word.

  • Disturbed
  • Maladroit
  • Solid
  • Unadulterated
  • Genuine

AFFECTED:- which means
  • Influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease.
  • acted upon; influenced.
But when you see unadulterated just comes in your mind but it lacks some thing. Also none of the answers seems to be right antonym. Unadulterated means pure or without any impurities. But the right answer for above question is GENUINE. Affected gives meaning of an insincere or fake expression. So Genuine (original ) is the right answer here. These types of question are difficult to answer even if you know the meaning of all words in the question.

There are other ways to attack or tackle the GRE Antonym questions when you don't know the meaning.

Stripping off any prefixes or suffixes like "-ing," "un-," "pre-," "-in", "-able" and so forth you arrive at the root meaning of the word. Take example of the word like predisposition.

remove the pre suffix and you will end up with disposition.

pre- gives the meaning of before and the suffix -tion suggests that we are dealing with a noun. So just look of nouns in the answers so that you can eliminate other forms like verbs and adjectives.

disposition means dispose some thing.. or making your position before or previous inclination etc...

Now search for a noun that means not inclined in the answers.

One of the most effective way to know meaning of unknown words is etymology. Which means divining words into two or breaking into two

Ex: ominpotent..

omni + potent

omni is like in the word omniscient --- which means every where..

potent means --> potency or strength...

Together the word means strong everywhere or strong among all.

Word that starts with "De," "Dis," or "Anti" will almost certainly be negative
so look for words that seem to have positive meaning..

There are also word that have rythm going up like Elevate, Ascendancy, Lofty and these will be certainly positive and others have tone going down like Decline, Subjugate, Suborn, etc. and these words have negative meaning.

Also if you don't recognize the meaning of the word then put the word in context.
Try to think of a sentence or context which you have heard the word in and you can guess the meaning from that.

But before looking for an opposite word, think of an opposite meaning for the capitalized word. This can be useful and you can filter the choices quickly.

if you want more knowledge on etymology use Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

Anyway all the best for your exam.

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Toefl IBT Books

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Toefl is popular. You have many useful reading resources & books available for preparation of TOEFL IBT.

Kaplan's Toefl IBT prep Course
This course inlcludes

  • 4 practice tests on CD-ROM in iBT format
  • Audio CD and transcripts of authentic-language conversations for listening comprehension
  • 8 comprehensive chapters of reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice
  • Hundreds of strategies for answering integrated skills questions
I found it very useful. You can record your answers for sample questions and listen to them later. Kaplan is one of the best recommended courses.

Barron's Toefl IBT Prep

We have other publisher BARRON's whose text books are popular. I found this particularly useful. The audio cd of barron has about 8 practice test. All of them are very good. I highly recommend buying this book.

The tips and hints given in this book are really good.

There are other resources which are by the ETS itself and some other institutes.