What is TOEFL?

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TOEFL (Test for English as Foreign Language) is a test conducted by ETS to measure an individual’s English skills. Students other than English speaking countries are required to take TOEFL as a proof of their language skills. The TOEFL IBT (Internet Based Test) has four sections and is very long (approximately 4 to 5 hours). You have to eat properly and attempt the test. Unlike GRE TOEFL is very easy. Foreigners may feel difficulty in speaking section. Most of the exam is very easy and you can enjoy it.
It has four sections
• Reading
• Writing
• Listening
• Speaking

All of these sections contain integrated questions like in the listening section, you will read a paragraph on a topic and then you will listen to a lecture on that topic. Then you will answer a question based on both.
By the way keep a good eye on the TOEFL requirements of the Universities. If you don’ts meet the requirement and got admission into that university you may have to give TOEFL again or need to take some English lessons which will cost you good amount of money (Usually these English classes are a noise your graduate life). So prepare well in TOEFL to avoid future tortures of unwanted English classes.