When to start studying for GRE?

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It depends on your English skills. I would recommend an Indian at least 3 months of study (3-4 hours daily) before attempting the exam. Generally we have poor vocabulary. So it takes lot of time before you before you attain a decent vocabulary. But remember GRE is not the only criteria where the universities select you. It is just considered as a qualifying exam. If you have excellent academic record, GRE wouldn’t matter much. If you have a low academic profile, I suggest you work hard on scores of GRE & TOEFL. Since you cannot change your academic profile, you need to get high scores. Generally applications for fall semester start at October to November range. So it is better to give all the tests by this time. It is generally recommended to give all tests by September End. Because if you get any low score, you can rewrite the exam and there is enough time for the scores to come. So start preparing for GRE in JULY. Take as many practice tests as you can. Don’t ignore quant part of GRE. The maths questions are easy but without practice you will be losing questions which are under your nose. The quant questions of GRE are of O level. They are actually very simple, but made tough by wording. Practice makes man perfect!! Don’t attempt the exam unprepared. You will lose money and time by that way. So prepare well. All the best.