TOEFL iBT Reading Section

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This section test your ability to read and understand /comprehend university level text or literature.
The reading section tests your skills like

  • Reading to find information
  • Basic comprehension
  • Reading to learn
You have to read about 3-5 passages each 700 words long. Total time for this section is 60 to 100 minutes. In the Reading section, test takers can also click on Back at any time to return to the
previous question. You have to concentrate while reading these question (even though it is boring to read 3 or 5 lengthy passages). Don't Read all of the passage. Just scan for main points or gist. It is recommended that you first read the question and then look for answers in the passage. We are not going to increase our knowledge by reading these passages. We are there to answer questions. Remember that, so start reading the questions first and look for answers in the passage. There are other methods to get more score in reading section. Increasing your reading speed. Just search in google to increase your reading speed, you will be able to get a lot of material. Read novels & other materials you will improve your Vocab along with your reading speed.