Toefl IBT Books

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Toefl is popular. You have many useful reading resources & books available for preparation of TOEFL IBT.

Kaplan's Toefl IBT prep Course
This course inlcludes

  • 4 practice tests on CD-ROM in iBT format
  • Audio CD and transcripts of authentic-language conversations for listening comprehension
  • 8 comprehensive chapters of reading, writing, listening, and speaking practice
  • Hundreds of strategies for answering integrated skills questions
I found it very useful. You can record your answers for sample questions and listen to them later. Kaplan is one of the best recommended courses.

Barron's Toefl IBT Prep

We have other publisher BARRON's whose text books are popular. I found this particularly useful. The audio cd of barron has about 8 practice test. All of them are very good. I highly recommend buying this book.

The tips and hints given in this book are really good.

There are other resources which are by the ETS itself and some other institutes.