What is the fee for GRE

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Its better to check the official GRE page at ETS.
Here are the cost accoring to that page on 23-august-08. The fees are subjected to change any time. So be careful.Also you can give the exam only once in a month and 5 fives in a calendar year. Also all INDIANS must need an passport for attending the exam. So don't register for GRE unless you have a passport. I faced huge problem with this. I actually received my passport  on the day before the exam.

$140 General Test—U.S., U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico
$195 General Test—China (including Hong Kong), Korea, and Taiwan. See Bulletin Supplement (PDF).
$170 General Test—All Other Locations
$ 25 Late Registration Fee
$ 50 Standby Testing (paper-based test only)
$ 50 Rescheduling Fee
$ 50 Changing Your Test Center
$ 12 Scores by phone
$ 20 Additional score report (ASR) requests–per recipient
$ 50 Question-and-Answer Review Service—Verbal & Quantitative Sections
$ 55 Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure
$ 30 Paper-Based Test Hand Scoring
$ 30 Score Reinstatement Fee