SOP (Statement of Purpose) is very important in your University application packet. It is the only part of your application on which you have full control. A badly written SOP can break your university application and a good one can make you stand above others. The SOP should not have any grammar or spelling errors. Also one needs to read the application instruction for each university. Some universities limit the SOP’s length and spacing between lines. Some of them ask the applicants to mentions some parts like what they are going to do after completing their graduation.

                                  Don’t write you SOP as a resume -written in paragraphs. SOP may concentrate only on your under –graduate life and other parts which are relevant only. Most of the portion must speak on how you have developed interest in you prospective field of interest and how you have achieved various goals. Share the ideas which you want to research with the committee. A badly written SOP can indicate your negligence and disinterest in applying for that university and eventually leads to rejection of your application. By the way your SOP cannot make up for low GRADES (academic background). If you hire professional SOP writers to write, the professors can tell who has written that. The SOP is well written and if your verbal scores are low in GRE and TOEFL. This speaks who has written the SOP. It takes considerable amount of time before you can get to a good piece of essay. My statement of purpose took about one month of proof reading and rewriting. Ask your close friends to proof-read for you. Absolutely no negative remarks on yourself or any other person should be written in the SOP. The sop must project a positive image of YOU. Try to something different and don’t go overboard. Write about your research experience, it is what they want. Start writing the SOP once you have given all of your tests (GRE, TOEFL etc...), because you have to concentrate on these tests. Don’t make one fit for all type of essay. Write different essays for different universities. Spell check it zillion times. Note that writing a personal essay takes lot of effort and time. So be careful while writing you application essay.

Here are some very good Resources on SOP