How to prepare for Gre Verbal Section

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Gre Vocabulary is tough. The verbal section is very hard. You need to have good grip on english meanings. Here is a good article on how to improve your vocabulary .You have to atleast master all the important meanings given in Barrons Gre Guide books. There are thousands of words in english. No one asks you to learn all of them. Most frequently appearing GRE words are listed in Barron's GRE book. I highly recommend all to use this. I just costs you few dollars. But it is very useful.
There is another way to improve you vocabulary. Use flash cards. This is realistic option to memorize words. Start reading the word lists in barrons. Write down the word which you often forget or find difficult to on flash cards with meanings on the back side. This is very very userful. This way you can remember all the difficult words you are forgetting. Revise these flash cards when ever you find time. But practice is also very important. I have listed some of online gre vocabulary practice resources in my blog post. GRE PREP Materials. Some experts say use mnemonics. Which mean they ask you to remember a picture for each word (i too think this is the easiest way to remember things). But this is only short time. If you want you vocabulary to come in handy during long time , read more and more challenging materials. This is the only way you can improve yourself and remember vocab for Long time. I suggest you read Norma Levis's Books "Word Power Made Easy". This is the best book for getting solid foundation in vocabulary. It is an entertaining book. I highly recommend this before jumping into Barrons.